Today my guest is Pathologist Dr Ritcha Saxena What we discuss with Dr Saxena: Her medical training in pathology and hematology How she became interes...View Details

Today my guest is Microbiologist and Professor Dr Rodney Rohde. What we discuss with Dr Rohde : The difference between Variant Of Concern and Variant ...View Details

Today my guest is Forensic Pathologist Dr Marianne Hamel What we discuss with Dr Hamel : How she chose forensic pathology as a specialty How she and N...View Details

Today my guest is pathologist and parasitologist Dr Bobbi Pritt. What we discuss with Dr Pritt: How she became interested in pathology and microbiolog...View Details

Today my guests are Dr Judy Melinek and TJ Mitchell, authors of Aftershock. What we discuss: Their relocation to New Zealand in July of 2020 The COVID...View Details

My guests for this coaching panel are Dr Jennifer Hunt, Dr Ursula Lang, and Dr Tangie. What we discuss: How they each got interested in coaching The d...View Details

My guest today is Dr Dana Corriel, founder of SoMe Docs. What we discuss with Dr Corriel: Her path into medicine and how she started SoMe Docs The imp...View Details

Today my guest is Dr Amy Rapkiewicz. What we discuss with Dr Rapkiewicz: Her residency at the National Cancer Institute Why she chose two fellowships,...View Details

Today my guest is Molecular Medicine PhD student Kelsey Dawes. What we discuss with Kelsey: Her undergraduate program in health studies Her current Ph...View Details

Today my guest is Medical Laboratory Scientist Dana Baker. What we discuss with Dana: How she discovered the field of Lab Medicine Her path to earning...View Details

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