Today my guest is Pathologist Dr Brian Jackson.

What we discuss with Dr Jackson:

  • How studying mathematics led to medical informatics
  • How he chose pathology as a specialty
  • His research in physician utilization of laboratory tests
  • Corporate social responsibility in healthcare
  • Ethics as it applies to healthcare and laboratory testing
  • How the LabMind Podcast came to be
  • How he structures his interviews and some of the challenges of being a podcast host

Links for this episode:

Health Podcast Network

 LabVine Learning

The ConfLab from LabVine

Dress A Med scrubs


LabMind Podcast

ARUP Laboratories

An Audit of Repeat Testing at an Academic Medical Center 

The Effect of Laboratory Test-Based Clinical Support Tools on Medication Errors and Adverse Drug Events


People of Pathology Podcast:



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