Today my guest is Medical Laboratory Scientist Lona Small What we discuss with Lona : Her education in Jamaica and how that led her to Medical Laborat...View Details

Today my guest is Pathology Resident Dr Raquel Bittencourt. What we discuss with Dr Bittencourt: Her path to medical school How medical education in B...View Details

Today my guest is Biomedical Scientist Bami Farinre. What we discuss with Bami: Her early interest in science and how that led her to biomedical scien...View Details

Today my guest is Dr Joseph Anderson, Pathologist and host of the Digital Pathology Today podcast. What we discuss with Dr Anderson : How he became in...View Details

Today my guest is Forensic Geophysicist Clark Davenport What we discuss with Clark: Geophysics and how he discovered this field Remote sensing technol...View Details

My guest today is Pathologists' Assistant Lori Marini  What we discuss with Lori: Her journey to becoming a pathologists' assistant Her work in genomi...View Details

Today my guest is Forensic Artist Karen Fleming What we discuss with Karen: How she discovered the field of forensic art The training program at the U...View Details

Today my guest is Veterinary Pathologist Dr Aleksandra Zuraw What we discuss with Dr Zuraw: Her journey into veterinary pathology How she became inter...View Details

Today my guest is Pathologists' Assistant Diane Spicer What we discuss with Diane: How she became a PA Her role in the creation of the Handbook of Ped...View Details

Today my guest is Pathologist Dr Ritcha Saxena What we discuss with Dr Saxena: Her medical training in pathology and hematology How she became interes...View Details

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