Today my guest is Dr Joseph Anderson, Pathologist and host of the Digital Pathology Today podcast. What we discuss with Dr Anderson : How he became in...View Details

Today my guest is Forensic Geophysicist Clark Davenport What we discuss with Clark: Geophysics and how he discovered this field Remote sensing technol...View Details

My guest today is Pathologists' Assistant Lori Marini  What we discuss with Lori: Her journey to becoming a pathologists' assistant Her work in genomi...View Details

Today my guest is Forensic Artist Karen Fleming What we discuss with Karen: How she discovered the field of forensic art The training program at the U...View Details

Today my guest is Veterinary Pathologist Dr Aleksandra Zuraw What we discuss with Dr Zuraw: Her journey into veterinary pathology How she became inter...View Details

Today my guest is Pathologists' Assistant Diane Spicer What we discuss with Diane: How she became a PA Her role in the creation of the Handbook of Ped...View Details

Today my guest is Pathologist Dr Ritcha Saxena What we discuss with Dr Saxena: Her medical training in pathology and hematology How she became interes...View Details

Today my guest is Microbiologist and Professor Dr Rodney Rohde. What we discuss with Dr Rohde : The difference between Variant Of Concern and Variant ...View Details

Today my guest is Forensic Pathologist Dr Marianne Hamel What we discuss with Dr Hamel : How she chose forensic pathology as a specialty How she and N...View Details

Today my guest is pathologist and parasitologist Dr Bobbi Pritt. What we discuss with Dr Pritt: How she became interested in pathology and microbiolog...View Details

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